Table of Contents

Characterization of Biorthogonal Multiwavelet Packets with Arbitrary Dilation Matrix
Pages 68-82
Author(s): Firdous A. Shah, R. Abass
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Quasi-Compact Perturbations of the Weyl Essential Spectrum and Application to Singular Transport Operators
Pages 83-89
Author(s): Leila Mebarki, Mohammed Benharrat, Bekkai Messirdi
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Titchmarsh's Theorem for the Cherednik-Opdam Transform in the Space L2
Pages 90-95
Author(s): S. El Ouadih, R. Daher
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Convergence Theorem for Finite Family of Total Asymptotically Nonexpansive Mappings
Pages 96-113
Author(s): E.U. Ofoedu, Agatha Chizoba Nnubia
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On The Integral Representation of Strictly Continuous Set-Valued Maps
Pages 114-120
Author(s): Anaté K. Lakmon, Kenny K. Siggini
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ps-ro Fuzzy Open(Closed) Functions and ps-ro Fuzzy Semi-Homeomorphism
Pages 121-128
Author(s): Pankaj Chettri, Subodh Gurung, Khusboo Katwal
Abstract | PDF

Iterative Solutions of Nonlinear Integral Equations of Hammerstein Type
Pages 129-141
Author(s): Abebe R. Tufa, H. Zegeye, M. Thuto
Abstract | PDF

Characterization of (δ,γ)-Dini-Lipschitz Functions in Terms of Their Jacobi-Dunkl Transforms
Pages 142-150
Author(s): A. Belkhadir, A. Abouelaz, R. Daher
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