Table of Contents

Solvability of multi-point value problems with integral condition at resonance
Pages 306-316
Author(s): Rabah Khaldi, Mohammed Kouidri
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Lacunary I_2-Invariant Convergence and Some Properties
Pages 317-327
Author(s): Ugur Ulusu, Erdinc Dundar, Fatih Nuray
Abstract | PDF

Time Control Charts Through NHPP Based on Dagum Distribution
Pages 328-339
Author(s): B. Srinivasa Rao, P. Sricharani
Abstract | PDF

Harmonic m-Preinvex Functions and Inequalities
Pages 340-352
Author(s): Muhammad Aslam Noor, Khalida Inayat Noor, Sabah Iftikhar, Awais Gul Khan
Abstract | PDF

Characterization of Nash Equilibrium Strategy for Heptagonal Fuzzy Games
Pages 353-367
Author(s): F. Madandar, S. Haghayeghi, S. M. Vaezpour
Abstract | PDF

Some Remarks on the Zeros of Tribonacci Polynomials
Pages 368-373
Author(s): Oznur Oztunc Kaymak
Abstract | PDF

Majorization Inequalities via Peano's Representation of Hermite's Polynomial
Pages 374-399
Author(s): N. Latif, N. Siddique, J. Pecaric
Abstract | PDF

On Weakly 2-Absorbing Semi-Primary Submodules of Modules over Commutative Rings
Pages 400-413
Author(s): Pairote Yiarayong, Manoj Siripitukdet
Abstract | PDF

Weighted Minimal and Weighted Flat Surfaces of Revolution in Galilean 3-Space with Density
Pages 414-426
Author(s): Ahmet Kazan, H. Bayram Karadag
Abstract | PDF

Some Properties of Generalized Strongly Harmonic Convex Functions
Pages 427-436
Author(s): Muhammad Aslam Noor, Khalida Inayat Noor, Sabah Iftikhar, Farhat Safdar
Abstract | PDF

The EOQ Model: A Differential Cyclic System for Calculating Economic Order Quantity
Pages 437-444
Author(s): Rabha Ibrahim, Samir Hadid
Abstract | PDF

Q_K-Type Spaces of Quaternion-Valued Functions
Pages 445-453
Author(s): M.A. Bakhit
Abstract | PDF


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