Title: On The Integral Representation of Strictly Continuous Set-Valued Maps
Author(s): Anaté K. Lakmon, Kenny K. Siggini
Pages: 114-120
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Anaté K. Lakmon, Kenny K. Siggini, On The Integral Representation of Strictly Continuous Set-Valued Maps, Int. J. Anal. Appl., 9 (2) (2015), 114-120.


Let T be a completely regular topological space and C(T) be the space of bounded, continuous real-valued functions on T. C(T) is endowed with the strict topology (the topology generated by seminorms determined by continuous functions vanishing at in_nity). R. Giles ([13], p. 472, Theorem 4.6) proved in 1971 that the dual of C(T) can be identi_ed with the space of regular Borel measures on T. We prove this result for positive, additive set-valued maps with values in the space of convex weakly compact non-empty subsets of a Banach space and we deduce from this result the theorem of R. Giles ([13], theorem 4.6, p.473).

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