Title: Univalent Biharmonic Mappings and Linearly Connected Domains
Author(s): Zayid Abdulhadi, L. El Hajj
Pages: 1-8
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Zayid Abdulhadi, L. El Hajj, Univalent Biharmonic Mappings and Linearly Connected Domains, Int. J. Anal. Appl., 9 (1) (2015), 1-8.


A four times continuously differentiable complex valued function F = u + iv in a simply connected domain Ω is biharmonic if the laplacian of F is harmonic. Every biharmonic mapping F in Ω has the representation F = |z|^2 G + K, where G and K are harmonic in Ω. This paper investigates the relationship between the univalence of F and of K using the concept of linearly connected domains.

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