Title: Random Common Fixed Point Theorems for Two Pairs of Nonlinear Contractive Maps in Polish Spaces
Author(s): Kanayo Stella Eke, Hudson Akewe, Jiemvwo Godwin Oghonyon
Pages: 63-70
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Kanayo Stella Eke, Hudson Akewe, Jiemvwo Godwin Oghonyon, Random Common Fixed Point Theorems for Two Pairs of Nonlinear Contractive Maps in Polish Spaces, Int. J. Anal. Appl., 18 (1) (2020), 63-70.


This research work proves the random common fixed point theorem for two pairs of random weakly compatible mappings fulfilling certain generalized random nonlinear contractive conditions in Polish spaces. An example is given to support the validity of our results. Our results generalize and extend some works in literature.

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