Title: Multi-Objective Optimization Using Local Fractional Differential Operator
Author(s): Rabha W. Ibrahim, Maslina Darus
Pages: 234-243
Cite as:
Rabha W. Ibrahim, Maslina Darus, Multi-Objective Optimization Using Local Fractional Differential Operator, Int. J. Anal. Appl., 17 (2) (2019), 234-243.


In this effort, we aim to generalize the concept of Univex functions by utilizing a local fractional differential-difference operator, based on different types of local fractional calculus (fractal calculus). This study leads to a new class of these functions in some optimal problems by illustrating conditions on the generalized functions. We call it the class of local fractional Univex functions. Strong, weak, converse, and strict converse duality theorems are given. Multi-objective optimal problem involves the new process is solved (local optimal problem). The main tool employed in the analysis is based on the local fractional derivative operators.

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