Title: New Integral Transform: Shehu Transform a Generalization of Sumudu and Laplace Transform for Solving Differential Equations
Author(s): Shehu Maitama, Weidong Zhao
Pages: 167-190
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Shehu Maitama, Weidong Zhao, New Integral Transform: Shehu Transform a Generalization of Sumudu and Laplace Transform for Solving Differential Equations, Int. J. Anal. Appl., 17 (2) (2019), 167-190.


In this paper, we introduce a Laplace-type integral transform called the Shehu transform which is a generalization of the Laplace and the Sumudu integral transforms for solving differential equations in the time domain. The proposed integral transform is successfully derived from the classical Fourier integral transform and is applied to both ordinary and partial differential equations to show its simplicity, efficiency, and the high accuracy.

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