Simultaneous Determination of Distance Between Sets by Multivalued Kannan Type Coupling

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Binayak S. Choudhury
Pranati Maity
Nikhilesh Metiya
Mihai Postolache


In this paper we define a multivalued Kannan type coupling between two subsets of a metric space and use it to obtain the distance between the two subsets through the determination of two pairs of points simultaneously. The problem is a multivalued coupled proximity point problem which falls under the general category of global optimization and is approached from the standpoint of fixed point theory. We use UC-property which is a geometric property that holds automatically for appropriate pairs of subsets of uniformly convex Banach spaces and is adapted to metric spaces by certain postulations. The main results are illustrated with examples. Corresponding results are obtained in Banach spaces. The work is in the domain of setvalued analysis.

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